Steering Committee 2013

Executive Board

President: Nikita Patel (


Nikita is a senior in the Wharton School and currently President of AIS. She is constantly trying to find ways to combine her two concentrations, social impact and finance. She is originally from India but was born and brought up in Dubai. Nikita loves food, travelling, taking photos, and playing tennis. She speaks lots of languages like English (obvs), French, Hindi, and Gujrati. As President of AIS this year she hopes to push Penn one step closer to being need-blind for internationals students and wants to make the AIS Family bigger and bigger. Please get in touch with her!


Internal Vice President: Amanda Acosta (

Amanda  is a junior in the College studying biology, but still making life choices that will eventually lead to a career. She is also pursuing a statistics minor to aid in her career goals in research. She is greatly interested in the arts, particularly photography and writing. She is known for being particularly loud, so if you hear her anywhere, anytime, come say hi! Amanda enjoys involving herself in a lot of things so if you have any ideas for an event we could plan let her know and we’ll have some fun with it!


External Vice President: Justin Cho (

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Justin Cho is junior in SEAS and Wharton and is the External Vice President of AIS. He is always finding ways to further AIS’s efforts to improve the international student experience at Penn by contacting and establishing relations with administrators. He was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved at Taiwan where he attended an American school until graduation. His interests include food, music, travelling, and sports. He can speak English, Korean, and Mandarin. This year, Justin is going to focus on developing close relations with administrators so we can push for the International Student Financial Aid campaign!


Treasurer: Alexandre Kleis (


Alexandre Kleis is part of the Class of 2016, studying in the Engineering School. Originally from France, Alexandre has also lived in the United Kingdom and in Switzerland. Holding many leadership positions including a treasury office in high school, he is excited to serve as treasurer for the Assembly of International Students, with plenty of great ideas in mind for the year. Alexandre is always eager to meet international students at Penn, who form such a great community. Feel free to send him an email if you have any questions or suggestions!


Secretary: Julia Shin (



hin is a junior in the college of arts and sciences.Originally born in Korea, she was raised in all continents but Africa. She lived in Korea,Spain, Australia, Kentucky (USA), Hong Kong, Japan, and is currently living in Chile. Julia hopes that her international upbringing will make her more approachable to all international students, and better represent the needs and desires of the students. As Secretary, she hopes to make your transition into an American college extremely effortless and memorable. Do not hesitate totalk to Julia, as she is always here to serve you. Welcome to Penn!


Marketing Director: Vedika Luharuwalla (

Vedika is a junior in the College majoring in Economics and double minoring in Consumer Psychology and Sustainability and Environmental Management. She is originally from India, but has lived a life of a modern nomad moving around 7 countries; she graduated from high school in Dubai which she currently calls home. She loves food, photography, colors, and travelling. She’s been in AIS since freshman year and this year she took on the role of Marketing Director.  She apologizes for consistently spamming everyone with marketing business, but there’s no other way to spread that AIS love!


Committee Chairs

Advocacy Committee Chair: Daniel Sentana Lledo (


Daniel is the current chair of the Advocacy committee. He is a Senior in the College majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Biology (surprise, surprise, he’s pre-med!). He is from Madrid, Spain. His involvement with AIS goes back to his freshman and sophomore years when he was part of the IMO committee, as well as Advocacy last fall. He is a big fan of music (he is learning the electric guitar through college) and sports, particularly soccer (go Real Madrid!)He looks forward to working with students who are eager to raise awareness of the obstacles to financial aid that international students face, as well as to work in the other exciting projects that Advocacy plans for the upcoming year!


Alumni and Employment Committee Chair: Fazaa Ahmed (


Fazaa is a sophomore in the College studying lots of unrelated things. Originally Pakistani, Fazaa was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia before moving to Bahrain when she was 13. In her free time, Fazaa loves traveling, drinking tea and lying on hammocks. She also loves seeing new faces in her committee so if you’d like to get involved please let her know!


International Mentorship and Orientation Chair: Angel Garcia De la Garza (

Angel Garcia de la Garza is a junior in the College majoring in Mathematics. Half Mexican and Spanish, he was born and raised in Mexico City but currently resides in the always sunny city of Culiacan, Mexico. During his free time, you can find Angel eating sushi, watching Revenge, and always trying to find a new song to obsess over. Angel was one of the iPHINS during NSO 2012 and he could not be more excited to come back as chair of the International Mentorship and Orientation Committee this year. Along with the Assembly of International Students, Angel is involved in Mex@Penn, IAA, and PHINS. He can’t wait to welcome all the incoming international students to campus and he hopes to make your transition to American College extremely effortless and memorable. Do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions or suggestions! Welcome to Penn!


Social Committee Chair: Toan Nguyen (


Toan is currently a sophomore at Wharton. He was born in Vietnam and spent 3 years of high school in New Zealand. As the new Social chair, he is very excited to organize bonding events for members of AIS. In his free time, Toan often goes to concerts (electronic and hip hop mostly).


Freshmen Representative: Anny Hu (


Freshmen Representative:  Dhruv Ramesh (

Dhruv is a freshman in the college. He is originally from India but lived his entire life in Dubai. He loves to meet new people and is a big foodie. He’s super excited and is aiming to make sure that the international freshman have an amazing year. If you have any ideas for any freshman oriented events, he’d love to hear them and plan them with you. Even if you don’t, he’d love to have you drop by and say hi. Fun fact: He’s caught all of the original 151 Pokemon in the Yellow Version.